Although born in Honolulu, most of Ken’s growing up occurred in New Mexico.  He began his public school career in Hobbs and finished at Los Alamos HS in 1970.  He left New Mexico to attend Texas A&M University to become an oceanographer.  Somehow, after cramming his first degree into 6½  years, he completed with a B.S. in elementary and early childhood education.

He spent nine years in education, first teaching Head Start, then middle school science, and then administering a rural Home-based Head Start program.  During this process, he completed an MS in counseling, again at A&M, in 1983.  The compulsive education disorder not yet satisfied, he went on, completing a PhD in psychology, yet again at A&M in 1987.  At this point, the Aggies said enough already and demanded that he pursue some form of gainful employment.

After his terminal graduation, he lived in northern Maine for many years.  He had a hospital based clinical practice specializing in evaluation and group psychotherapy, and served as Senior Manager for Psychiatric Services for the hospital for 5 years, expanding programs to include involuntary hospitalization, day hospital and outpatient services.  He was adjunct faculty at University of Maine-Presque Isle, teaching introductory psychology, abnormal psychology and counseling courses.  He also did consulting and training for a variety of organizations.  In 2001, he moved to Belgium as a civil service psychologist providing clinical and consulting services to developmentally disabled dependents of U.S. Government employees in Belgium, the Netherlands and southwestern Germany.

In 2003, he returned to New Mexico to marry Elizabeth Szalay, with whom he had reconnected at their 30th high school reunion in Los Alamos.  She is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Carrie Tingley Hospital in Albuquerque and a tenured full professor on the pediatric and orthopedic faculties of the University of New Mexico Medical School.  Unfortunately, after living courageously with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer for 2 years 4 months, she died on 29 Dec 2014.

Ken has greatly enjoyed music since the age of 10, when he began study of the violin. He performed regularly in Maine with the Northern Maine Chamber Orchestra, and the string quartet comprised of the four principles of that group. To their horror, he was also very active in Celtic and folk circles on fiddle and mandolin in Maine and New Brunswick.  He continues to enjoy doing Celtic music locally and with friends in England and Europe.  He plays regularly with the folk ensemble at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Albuquerque.  He joined the staff of St. Michaels as director of that group & choir in 2005.  He also plays with A Pint Short, a Celtic/Renaissance music ensemble & ceili band, and with Entourage, a big band sound, and with Two Coats, a soulful gospel/folk band with a groove.  Current instruments include mandolin, bouzouki, bass mandolin, fiddle, octave violin, tenor banjo, tenor guitar, and just a hint of baglama.

Ken joined the Rotary Club of Fort Fairfield, Maine in 1991.  He served on the Board of Directors and was the club treasurer for eight years there.  In Belgium, he joined the Rotary Club of Lessines, a French speaking club just south of Brussels.  In 2003, he joined the Rotary Club of Albuquerque, where he is active with the International Service and Program Committees.  He lead the District 5520 Group Study Exchange team to Lyon, France in 2006 and served on District 5520’s GSE committee for 5 years.

In Albuquerque, he had a clinical practice in geriatric psychology, doing evaluations and therapy with individuals who reside in nursing homes until 2007, when he swore off dealing with 3rd party payors.  Currently, his practice is primarily mediation and collaborative practice, which focuses on blended legal, financial & psychological support and process management for individuals undergoing divorce or civil disputes who prefer a solution-oriented process characterized by dignity and fairness.  He has been active with the New Mexico Psychological Association, as a board member since 2004 (Distance Learning Chair) and President in 2011.

His son, Luke, though raised better, is now living in Houston, completed a degree in law at the University of Houston in 2010, and is now a threat to violators of the rule of law at firm Jackson Walker, L.L.P.