From A Celtic Weave

During my 15 years in Northern Maine (The County, as Aroostook is known, in the town of Presque Isle) one of my favorite groups to play with was A Celtic Weave, a trio including Kate Scheidler (vocals/bodhran/guitar) and Bruce Wilkins (guitar/pennywhistle) and myself (mandolin/fiddle/tenor banjo/guitar).

Some samples on YouTube from those days include:

Julia’s Medley

Sailor’s & Fisher’s Hornpipes

William Tell Overture

There are lots of 16 hour nights to fill with music up there in the northern clime (where we occasionally teased out an appearance by the northern lights).  I was privileged to make music with lots of super musicians in ensembles over those years.  Formally with Larry Davis (celtic harper and Northumbrian piper extraordinaire); David Desilets (fabulous guitar player and knowledgeable musician); The Gallagher Brothers (who taught me so much about making music authentically); Bluegrass Express (who tolerated me for a year when they couldn’t find an actual bluegrass mandolin player); Larry Parks (banjo player and repository of incredible musical knowledge spanning decades, not to mention a decent farmer of potatoes and trees), the folk ensemble up in the loft at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and the choir at the Presque Isle Congregational Church (under the watchful gaze of Maine’s most liberated organist).   Not to mention the Northern Maine Chamber Orchestra (and quartet) where, as principal second, I had to fake the switch from fiddle to violin, sit up straight, and pay attention.

And informally with Gerald and the Wednesday Night Fiddlers over the border in Perth Andover, New Brunswick, numerous ceili’s in Presque Isle and Caribou (including Caribou’s premier B&B under the creative auspices of the McCartneys), assorted gatherings of folk, Celtic, Acadian & Swedish flavors.  Good Times.  Great Folks.

The driveway in Winter (cold on the outside)

Warm on the inside

And lovely in Autumn.